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The wind of freedom: Theodoros Kolokotronis



The wind of freedom: Theodoros Kolokotronis

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30 July 2021

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The symphonic poem of George Voukanos, “The wind of freedom: Theodoros Kolokotronis", inspired by the life and work of the great general of the Greek Revolution, is presented for the first time, in a place identified with the Kolokotronis family, in the historical Libovisi. The three-act play describes with sharpness and historical clarity the aspects of the life and work of the Old Man of the Morea. Theodoros Kolokotronis was a leading figure in the struggle, with military intelligence, a fiery passion for freedom and an inexhaustible love for the homeland and God. His life is a legacy of heroism for the next generations of Greeks. This is a work that contains timeless messages of faith and strength, giving hope and inspiration for modern Greece, in texts and lyrics of Mary Voukanou. Performed by Kostas Makedonas (folk narrator), Anta Athanasopoulou and Stamatis Beris, accompanied by the ERT Contemporary Music Orchestra under the direction of Giorgos Aravidis. Asterios Peltekis is in charge of directing and interpreting the role of Kolokotronis. Chryssa Roma also performs with him. The Theatrical Group of Tripoli (Vasiliki Tsantila, Antonia Bandouna) and the Orpheus Tripoli Choir under the tutelage of Christina Athanasopoulou also participate.

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