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1821 and its protagonists



1821 and its protagonists

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The publication of the General State Archives book entitled “1821 and its protagonists” was financed within the framework of the activities entitled “200 years Free” of Piraeus Bank. The publication was made with the editing and coordination of the General State Archives and is based entirely on its archival material. Evidence was obtained from the archives and archival collections of the pre-revolutionary period; of the political and administrative authorities of the struggle; of the Giannis Vlachogiannis Collection; of the Small Collections (K), especially from the archives of the fighters containing their personal correspondence as well as Engraving Collection. Through the writings of the protagonists of 1821, attempts are made to capture unique historical moments, the reconstruction of the network of the revolution, the activities of its leaders, the promotion of the relationships and paths of the people who were its members and the daily life of its invisible protagonists. The purpose of the publication is to present indicative, and largely unpublished, material. From the years of Rigas to Kapodistrias, the anthology of archival material presented here is associated with figures of the pre-revolutionary period and the Modern Greek Enlightenment, focussing on the years of the struggle from 1821 to 1828 and the period of the first governor, Ioannis Kapodistrias. The edition serves as a tool to familiarise the general public with the direct sources of history and in particular with certain aspects of the personality of the protagonists of the revolution. However, it also has an educational character. Archival material is at the heart of the educational process. The wide variety of archival material managed by the national archival service allows its didactic utilisation while sensitising students to the contribution to the essential learning of a primary source.

(Edited and translated blurb from publisher’s website)

From the description of the book, as it was published on the General State Archives’ website.

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