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Kanto Tzavella-Dragoi in the years of the revolution



Kanto Tzavella-Dragoi in the years of the revolution


25 July 2021
28 July 2021
31 July 2021
1 August 2021
8 August 2021-12 August 2021
19 August 2021

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The true story of Kanto Tzavella from the historical Tzavellas family of Ilia starts its summer tour in July, with a large troupe of protagonists: Olga Politou, Athena Tsilira, Nelli Gini, Orfeas Papadopoulos and 10 other actors. With them, George Giannopoulos and the folk song singer Katerina Korou, with her magical voice. The location is the wider area of Epikouros Apollo, near Andritsena and specifically in Dragoi in the summer of 1821. A love story in the hard years of subjugation unfolds starring Kanto Tzavella, who was sacrificed as a new Ifigenia so that her place, her roots, would not be bloodied by the Turks. Tragic figures in our history, women and men of the time who sacrificed themselves in the name of the freedom of our homeland. A story that prophesies that nothing will be forgotten if people walk next to each other. Text by Thanasis Stavropoulos and directed by Menelaos Tzavellas.

(Edited and translated description from Sin web radio website)

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