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Balis' uprising in Andros: The events, the misinterpretations and their uses



Balis' uprising in Andros: The events, the misinterpretations and their uses


15 June 2022


The left-wing, “progressive”, historiography of the pioneering Yanis Kordatos and the later local historiography of Andros have sculpted in the person of Dimitris Balis the form of a widely accepted social fighter, who, during the 1821 Revolution, organised and starred in an agrarian uprising in Andros, which raised issues of agrarian reform, culminated in the burning of the towers of old families of powerful landowners and was finally suppressed by the notables and the enemies of the Revolution. Balis, thus, became part of a pantheon of social activists, forerunners of later political and social struggles. The proposed presentation will attempt to trace the path for the construction of the figure of a social revolutionary, the incomplete use of sources, the misinterpretation of events and sources and their ideologically charged use. The presentation will be based on the relevant thematic literature on the reception of events and protagonists, as well as archival material that allows to clarify the place, time and persons and to understand what happened.

(Edited and translated abstract from organiser’s website)

From the description of the presentation in the book of abstracts, as it was published on Initiative 1821-2021’s website.

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