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A splendid sample of revolutionary rhetoric for an Ottoman audience (1822)



A splendid sample of revolutionary rhetoric for an Ottoman audience (1822)


15 June 2022


How do you despair for the Ottoman opponent as a brave and God-fearing warrior, while giving him sound hopes, both for his own life and the lives of the people he protects, and for his release from heavy responsibilities that will be demanded after death, in case that his bravery leads to the slaughter of his beloved civilians? How do you present to the Muslim citizen of the Ottoman Empire fundamental elements of the essence of the modern political conditions formed by those who self-identify as struggling Greeks? You can only talk to him about the new reality in an old “language” that he understands, to give interpretations of what is happening that he will find reasonable. And also, to create an image of the emerging modernity with designs and colours that the look of the traditional man recognises. This announcement will present for the first time and comment on a so far unpublished, masterfully written and finally effective document addressed in June 1822 by the envoys of the revolutionary administration to the besieged Ottomans of Athens, in order to persuade them to surrender by treaty. The guarantee for the implementation of this treaty would not be the difficultly controllable personal honour of the opponents but the law, the new legal order whose power the revolutionaries had accepted and recognized as the regulator of their decisions and actions.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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