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Athens 1821-1827 in Cesare Vitali's handwritten diaries



Athens 1821-1827 in Cesare Vitali's handwritten diaries


16 June 2022


Cesare Vitali, physician and deputy consul of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in Athens, during the critical years of the struggle for Greek independence, witnessed the historical events concerning the city, from the first attempt to liberate it by the Ottoman rulers, in April 1821, until the dramatic moments that marked the siege of Athens and the surrender of the Acropolis, in May 1827. Vitali’s historical handwritten diaries are a first-hand testimony that allow us to comprehensively reconstruct the context of the historical period, which in many respects has yet to be explored, especially with regard to relations with neighbouring Italy; attributing at the same time the warm philhellenic atmosphere of the time and the dramatic character of the historical events: events that already resonated in the consciousness of the contemporaries as sequences of a great epic.

(Edited and translated abstract from organiser’s website)

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