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Giannis Vlachogiannis and the archives of 1821



Giannis Vlachogiannis and the archives of 1821


16 June 2022


Utilising sources that have not been studied in detail to date, such as Giannis Vlachogiannis’ personal archive and the official archive of the General State Archives and their Ephorate, this approach attempts to sketch the historical portrait of a man whose personal path was inextricably linked to the case of saving, preserving and highlighting the archival wealth of the country. From the mid-1880s, when a very poor young provincial arrived in Athens to enrol in university, until about 1930, when, from the position of Director of the General State Archives, he watched with a critical eye the official celebration of the centenary. It is a dual course, one in letters and one in archives, that meets the circle of Palamas and Psycharis, the world of Athenian journalism, the capitalists of the diaspora Rallis and Benakis and later on, the Prime Minister Venizelos himself, who will personally undertake the task of the creation of a national archival body headed by Vlachogiannis. Through this course, Vlachigiannis’ collecting passion that led to the compilation of his archival collection, but also his internal conflict between private activity and public office, which was reinforced by the constant refusal of the state to acquire his collection and incorporate it in the General State Archives. By shedding light on persons and events unknown, or simply forgotten, a new, comprehensive assessment of Vlachogiannis’ real contribution to the preservation of the memory of 1821 is attempted.

(Edited and translated abstract from organiser’s website)

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