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Fighters of 1821 after the Revolution



Fighters of 1821 after the Revolution




What happened to the fighters of 1821 after the Revolution? This book examines the fate of the fighters during the early years of the Greek kingdom: the debate surrounding their ranking criteria; the management of their public image; their quarrels and the conditions under which they agreed; their contribution in the formation of an xenophobic and anti-Western spirit with various manifestations (anti-Bavarianism, autochthonism, anti-Phanariotism); the ideological and political parameters that contributed to the formation of the Fighter “ideal type”, as well as the ways in which this “ideal type” contributed to the forging of national identity.

The disbanding of the irregular armies of the Revolution, the trial of Kolokotronis, the demonization of the Phanariots, and the struggles between the protagonists of the Revolution for public office and posthumous fame are just some of the highlights of a turbulent and exciting era, during which the Fighters sought ways of adapting to the newly established state, benefiting from the – nationally necessary – commemoration of 1821.

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