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1821: Two hundred years of history - The democratic tradition



1821: Two hundred years of history - The democratic tradition


March 2021


1821 was a revolution because it created a different type of state than had existed in all previous centuries, because it transformed a people into a nation, because it gave birth to citizens, because it created a new world in which populism, equality and democracy constituted the brightest constellation in the firmament, despite the occasional clouds. Greece is one of the few countries that were founded through revolutions. What consequences did this have for the political formation and development of the country? Additionally, in many countries the birthing act was later questioned or considered a source of deformity and suffering. In Greece, however, no one ever had such thoughts. What does this mean for the consciousness of the citizens and also for the political culture of the country?

The 14+1 texts on the Revolution of 1821 and its legacies are divided into two parts: in the first the revolution itself and the problems it poses to us, in the second the democratic legacies. At the end, a dialogue was added concerning the first moment when the French Revolution itself reaches the Greek shores igniting fire.

The texts of this book were written on the occasion of the feature on the 1821 Revolution and to 200 years of Greek history, which was hosted by the newspaper Avgi for its first issue of 2021.

Texts by: Sia Anagnostopoulou • Dimitris Arvanitakis • Polymeris Voglis • Nikos Theotokas • Vangelis Karamanolakis • Christina Koulouri • Pantelis Kyprianos • Antonis Liakos • Nikos Mouzelis • Aristides Baltas • Popi Polemi • Maria Repousi • Yannis Stavrakakis • Georgios Sotirelis • Dimitris Christopoulos.

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