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1821- Women and revolution: From the Ottoman world to the free Greek state



1821- Women and revolution: From the Ottoman world to the free Greek state


11 March 2021


The pre-revolutionary years: Through clear and interesting narratives, the realities of women in Ioannina, Athens, the Cyclades, Chios and Hydra are explored with a critical eye.

The preparation of the struggle: In the wake of the European Enlightenment, Phanariot women and women of the emerging middle class undertake intense
educational and cultural activity.

The revolution: Women at war. Through a variety of historical sources, the way in which women acted in war, their auxiliary and sometimes combat activity is explored. Women as ‘burden’, women as ‘spoils’, women in harems.

Eponymous and famous women of 1821: Laskarina Bouboulina and Manto Mavrogenous. Their extraordinary and unusual deeds brought them out of obscurity and brought them to the centre of shocking developments that transcended the social boundaries of their gender.

Mass captures. Christian and Muslim women in the Peloponnese, Naoussa, Chios, Psara, Kasos and Athens were treated as war booty to be exploited and merchandise for profit.

Kapodistrias. Against the background of the first attempts to form the Greek state, issues of care for the thousands of impoverished refugees, moral debt and pensions for the widows of fighters, women’s education and the absence of women from political life and the state texts of the struggle are touched upon.

Finally, what changed in the lives of women from Ottoman society on the way to the independent Greek state?

For the first time, a comprehensive and documented picture of the lives of women during the revolution and the struggle for independence is presented.

Multiple aspects of the presence and participation of not only famous, but also anonymous, everyday women are examined, from the Ottoman world to the first Greek state.

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