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Queering the Greek Revolution



Queering the Greek Revolution

Spatial Coverage


4 December 2021


A few days before 25 March this year, an unexpected image went viral; it was a digital alteration of Theodoros Vryzakis’ 1865 famous painting “Ο Παλαιών Πατρών Γερμανός ευλογών την σημαία της επαναστάσεως”. The picture, which was posted on Instagram by the account @lgbt_greece_, replaced part of the flag of the Mavromichalis family with the rainbow flag. This action, considered by many a blasphemy due to the manipulation of “the holy symbol of the revolution”, was received as an attack against the memory of those who fought for freedom. Such an approach to history reinforces the narrative of a complete and impenetrable archive: one that is waiting to be either discovered or celebrated as it has been established.

The talk will work against this imagery of the nation by focusing on the ways in which the queer body has been registered in literary anthologies, as well as in biographical and legal texts throughout the 19th century. In doing so, it will argue that the image of the archive we currently celebrate is incomplete without the inclusion of these untold stories and that the development of desires and Greekness itself, is nothing but a series of interpretations that we must be willing to embrace.”

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