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The other Konstantinos Oikonomos “o ex Oikonomon”



The other Konstantinos Oikonomos “o ex Oikonomon”


10 June 2021


The subject of the lecture is the intellectual, didactic, writing and publishing activity of Konstantinos Oikonomos “o ex Oikonomon” (1780-1857) during his stay in Smyrna (1809-1819). In 1806 Oikonomos was forced to abandon his birthplace of Tsaritsani, in order to avoid the retaliation that followed the failed Balachavaioi movement (1806). Smyrna offered him refuge. His former teacher and friend Konstantinos Koumas and his brother Stefanos were already teaching at the Philologikon Gymnasion of the city. From 1809 Oikonomos officially undertook the teaching of philological courses. This period was fruitful in writing and publishing. In 1813 he published Rhetoric and Katechesis, in 1816 an anonymous free adaptation of Moliere’s The Miser (better known as Exintavelonis) adapted to the reality of Smyrna, in 1817 he published a local history of Smyrna (“Etude sur Smyrne”) and in the same year he published Grammatika, a textbook of aesthetics and poetry. Around the same period (1817) he must have written an unpublished theory of the sermon “Peri tis ton hierokerykon rhetoriki”. His parallel rhetorical prowess was famous. Certainly the writings of Smyrna (supporting Oikonomos’ teaching at the Philologikon Gymnasion) constitute an ambitious program, clearly integrated in the context of the educational proposals of the modern Greek Enlightenment. The volume, the subject matter and the approach of the issues reveal the exceptional abilities and the will on Oikonomos’ behalf. In the field he was studying at that time, he was undoubtedly at the forefront, leaving works, some of which were milestones.

(Edited and translated abstract from organiser’s website)

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