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A musical journey through the years of the struggle



A musical journey through the years of the struggle




The educational program of the National Historical Museum “A musical journey through the years of the struggle” is aimed at students from 12 to 15 years old. It was designed for bicentenary exhibition on 1821 Greek Revolution, "Revolution ‘21". It brings to life through music the time when Tyrtaios met with Rigas, Solomos and Tsopanakos and Digenis Akritas with Markos Botsaris, Kolokotronis and Karaiskakis. The main goal of the programme is to introduce the student to the historical landscape of the time, through sounds and images following a narrative musical path. French and Spanish revolutionary songs, Greek, thieving and heroic, war songs, philhellenic songs, together with the “Hymn to Liberty”, form an equally important and original musical narrative that follows that of the exhibits. For the needs of the programme, digital material was created that comes to life through images, relics and stories of fighters, the musical instruments, songs and dances of the Greeks. This material can be used both in the classroom and during the students’ visit to the museum.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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The educational material can be used by teachers of Primary and Secondary Education.

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