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Workshop: Code "Philikos"



Workshop: Code "Philikos"

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March 2021-April 2022


The third of the workshops in the series of educational programmes “Sheet Number 1821”, addressed to the members of the Greek Libraries Network, is entitled “Code: Philikos”. It was inspired by a supply list of the Philiki Etaireia from the Fighters Archive of the National Library of Greece. This is a secret identity, which records the membership details of a member of the Philiki Etaireia based on a cryptographic system. The purpose of this specific workshop is for the children, through the study of the document, to get to know the Philiki Etaireia, to learn about its establishment and the way it was organised, as well as the role it played in the struggle.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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Example of implementation of the workshop by the Municipal Library of Kavala "Vasilis Vasilikos":

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