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Virtual tour of the Athens of the Revolution



Virtual tour of the Athens of the Revolution


22 April 2021


The tour will attempt to revive the time of the Greek Revolution in Athens, covering the time from April 1821, when Athens joined the revolution, to the surrender of its castle (Acropolis) in March 1833, but also the proclamation as the capital of the newly established Greek state in 1834. Following the “routes” of the revolutionaries, stopping at the sites of memory of the revolution in the city, with references to more distant parts of Attica, it will unfold the chronicle of the revolution in Athens, the events, the protagonists, the crucial battles, the two sieges of the Acropolis, from the side of both the besiegers and the besieged, victories and defeats, but also daily life, political institutions, civil strife and political conflicts, intellectual and educational movement, the fate of the ancient monuments, the action of the volunteers, the philhellenes, the fate of the civilians, the departure of the city’s Muslims, the influx of new residents, Europeans and Greeks, to the now capital Athens.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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