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"21 allios": The Greek War of Independence in Playmobil Dioramas



"21 allios": The Greek War of Independence in Playmobil Dioramas

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13 October 2019– 13 September 2020
16 June 2021-17 October 2021
14 October 2020-31 May 2021
1 November 2021- 30 January 2022

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"The National Historical Museum (NHM), in collaboration with the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP), presents the exhibition: “1821 allios: The Greek War of Independence in Playmobil Dioramas”, which will go on display in three museums in the PIOP network. The exhibition will open on 14 October 2020 at the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparta and will later travel to the Rooftile and Brickworks Museum N. & S. Tsalapatas in Volos and the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production in Lesvos. The exhibition was first designed by the NHM, where it was held for the first time (13 October 2019–13 September 2020), in collaboration with a team of collectors and the support of Playmobil Hellas.

The events from the prerevolutionary years to the foundation of the modern Greek state are narrated in an original approach, through dioramas and Playmobil figures. Small colourful figures compose battlefields, recreate historical events, describe scenes of everyday life, depict significant people of the struggle.

The Oath of the Philiki Etaireia, the Siege of Tripolitsa, the Sortie of Messolongi, the Flight from Parga, are some of the prominent dioramas of the exhibition. Leading figures of the revolution, Greeks, Philhellenes and Ottomans, men and women who played a key role in the course of events, are displayed as Playmobil figures, accompanied by a short biography. This way, the exhibition narrates the story in a visual, imaginative and easy to understand way, producing a history that is a delightful journey for young and old."

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