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The finances of the struggle: Taxation and state



The finances of the struggle: Taxation and state

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The organisation and management of public finances was one of the most basic issues faced by the Greek Revolution. The Provisional Administration of Greece, which was proclaimed with the passing of the Provisional Government (1 January 1822), had to finance its administrative, military and naval needs, determine the national resources and organize their control mechanism. The institutional framework it produced determined the tax system that was implemented in the years of the 1821 Revolution and formed the matrix for the fiscal organisation of the Greek state.

The object of the research project is the pilot processing of tax registers of the period of the 1821 Revolution, aiming to investigate the mechanism of renting the annuities, the profile of the persons involved in the renting, as well as their geographical distribution in an attempt to reconstruct the tax geography of the time.

The purpose of the project was to create a research tool, which would capture, as completely as possible, the historical information, in order to be able to answer old and new questions. The monitoring of the information is done through an interactive map, which shows the leases of the tax revenues, together with all the relevant information that accompanies them. In addition, in the context of the project, it was considered appropriate to establish a toponym database, based on tax documents of the period. Finally, the website lists a bibliographic guide for the topic in question.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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Dimitris Dimitropoulos (National Hellenic Research Foundation)

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