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British philhellenism: The project



British philhellenism: The project

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This project has two goals. The one is to create a digital archive that will go live between 2023 and 2024 and will include original items (with description, commentary and selective transcription that will be fully searchable) from the papers of Scottish volunteer and historian George Finlay (1799-1875) and those of Captain Frank Abney Hastings (1794-1828), which are both part of the Finlay collection. The other is to produce new knowledge on philhellenism that will enhance our understanding of its nature and its contribution to the Greek Revolution of 1821. Given the interest of the topic to both the research community and the wider public, the creators want this knowledge (and the project more generally) to reach a wide public both in Greece and abroad. Hence the many research outputs of the project that include this webpage, a user-friendly digital output, an international conference, an edited volume, and a series of smaller outputs and events.

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Roderick Beaton (King’s College London)

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