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The Russian Empire and the Greek world: Local, European and global histories in the Age of Revolution



The Russian Empire and the Greek world: Local, European and global histories in the Age of Revolution

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By introducing the Greek 1821 into a wider spatial context, beyond the usual Western-centric one, this book highlights anew and with a critical eye the historiographically neglected Russian/Eurasian perspective. It studies the multilayered crosscultural relations of the Greek-speaking Orthodox subjects of the Ottoman Empire with the Russian Empire during the so-called Age of Revolutions and examines the multiple threads that connect a local phenomenon, the 1821 Revolution, with regional and global processes. The main focus here is the concept of empire, which presupposes, among other things, the transnational perspective and offers a middle scale of study between the local and the global. Thus Russia appears not only as a great power identical to the insurgents, but also as a hybrid modern empire, with a significant European, Eurasian and global role. This role in relation to the Greek-speaking Orthodox of the Sublime Porte is examined at three different times: in 1770 (long duration), which is the beginning of the Russian presence in the Mediterranean and its weighty importance in further historical processes in the region; in 1815 (medium duration), which marks the policies of Alexander I and his close collaborators in the creation of post-Napoleonic Europe; and, finally, the first year of the Greek Revolution, 1821 (coincidence), where Russian diplomacy – with dynamic Greek speakers at its service, such as Ioannis Kapodistrias, Alexandros Stourtzas and the network of Greek-speaking Russian consuls in the areas under revolted – puts to a great extent the conditions for the reception of the struggle of the Greeks in the international field as a national war aimed at liberation from the “foreign yoke”.

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