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Reviving revolutionary Athens



Reviving revolutionary Athens

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The project aims at creating multifaceted readings of the Greek Revolution and at highlighting new historical approaches to it through the creation of a digital interactive “tour” of historic events that took place in Athens during the siege of Acropolis by Kütahı (1826-1827); it also aims at producing a museum theatre piece based on these same events. Its originality lies in the creation of a digital interpretive tool that will be accessible to different audiences, and will utilize contemporary historiographical and museological approaches to produce subjective narratives of historic figures or characters in a playful, enjoyable and understandable way. The proposed digital version of the historical narratives will be a series of two-dimensional and three-dimensional interactive simulated scenes with playful elements, like those found in historical video games. The scenes’ narrative and historical content will be structured according to the methodology of museum theatre and narration in a digital environment. Through different narratives (for example, the narration of a Greek fighter, an Athenian, a Muslim resident, etc.), which the visitor will be able to choose at his/her will while walking around the rock of the Acropolis, different approaches of the historical experience will emerge. The visitor will not only have the opportunity to listen to the narratives, but also to interact with the events that develop on their screen through a series of three-dimensional and two-dimensional simulation scenes. Additional historical documentation will be available within the application that will facilitate the understanding of the events and will give the visitor the opportunity to enrich his/her experience with classified content, if they wish.

(Edited description from organiser’s website)

Επιστημονικά Υπεύθυνος/Υπεύθυνη

Andromache Gazi (Panteion University)

Σύνδεσμος έργου

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