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Nine episodes from the 1821 Revolution



Nine episodes from the 1821 Revolution

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Small Studies, Volume 1

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“The collective volume ‘Nine episodes from the 1821 Revolution’ is the first step in the new publishing series of the Society for the Study of Modern Hellenism. The ‘Small Studies’ series aims to bring together studies in which, on the occasion of an event, an allegation, a short story, the partial will be placed in the wider historical context. On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Revolution of 1821, EMNE included in its activities the preparation of the first volume of the series, which includes nine short studies that chronologically move around the Revolution with a broad thematic variation: the Korais - Kodrikas dispute and the formation of the public sphere before the revolution (C. Irodotou), the Filiki of Alexandria and the betrayal of the Society (B. Sarafis), the adoption of concepts formulated in hitherto unknown Greek proclamations to the besieged Ottomans and translated into Ottoman (Y. Karabıçak), the organization of espionage and counter-espionage networks by the Ottoman authorities (L. Moiras), the French consul in Smyrna and the way he dealt with the new situation in the Aegean (An. Athanasouli), the Greek captive women and their choices after their release (V. Raptis), the recently published diary of the siege of Athens by Caesar Vitali (F. Scalora), the appearance of European clothes in Hermoupolis and the dressmaker "Triestina" (Ol. Evangelidou) and finally the systematic demolition of Tripolitsa by Ibrahim Pasha before handing over the city to the Greeks (M. Festas). Christos Loukos prefaces the project while simultaneously attempting an assessment of the celebration of the bicentenary of the Revolution.”

From the Volume's Press Release.

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