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Venice and the Greek world before the revolution: Rebellions, intellectual activities, ideological movements



Venice and the Greek world before the revolution: Rebellions, intellectual activities, ideological movements


20 January 2021


"Venice, 'almost another Byzantium', according to Bessarion, was for centuries the dominant economic factor in the Eastern Mediterranean; also, from the 13th to the 18th century, it defined the traditional Greek area as one of the main political sovereign powers after the events of 1204, in parallel and alternating, initially, with the Byzantine Empire (after its reconstruction in 1261) and other Latin states, and from the 14th century onwards with the Ottoman Turks, with whom it was involved in seven wars (from the second half of the 15th century to the first two decades of the 18th century).

With this in mind, the speech will present the relationship of the pre-revolutionary Greek world – both under the Venetians and under the Ottomans – with Venice in its various roles and at different historical times: as the ruler of Greek regions - centres for the development of new institutional realities (administrative, ecclesiastical, social), the emergence of new economic processes and the manifestation of important spiritual and cultural phenomena; as the main opponent of the Ottoman Empire in the Eastern Mediterranean, for a long time, instigator of uprisings in the Greek area under the Ottomans and refuge of persecuted Greek populations; as a metropolitan centre in Italy, which hosted a prosperous Greek community. A central point of the presentation will be the Venice-related course of the Greek world towards national self-consciousness, through urban economic development, educational, typographic and various intellectual-artistic activities, the turn to the West and the reception of new western ideological currents. As a conclusion, in reference to the Greek Revolution, 24 years after the overthrow of Venice by French troops (1797), the relationship of the rebel Greeks against the Ottoman Empire with the British-protected, but historically related, Venice Ionian Islands, will emerge, as a common Greek world, whose members included the Ionians Dionysios Solomos and Ioannis Kapodistrias."

(From the book of abstracts as published on the organiser’s website)

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