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Enlightenment and the Greek Revolution



Enlightenment and the Greek Revolution


27 January 2021


“The movement of ideas, which has been established to be called the Modern Greek Enlightenment, represented a network of intellectual and ideological changes, resulting from the expanding, spiritual and cultural contacts of modern Hellenism with the West, a product of the 18th century. The Modern Greek Enlightenment progressed in successive stages throughout the course of the 18th century and reached its maturity during the period between the French and Greek Revolutions. It was during this period that the vision of the freedom of the Greek nation was cultivated and militantly articulated. The Greek Revolution could therefore be viewed as the realization, through the struggles of the Greek revolutionaries, of the ideas and hopes of the Enlightenment.”

From the book of abstracts of the series of events, as it was published on the organizer's website.

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