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Pilgrimages. To Division: French, English Philhellene Diplomats



Pilgrimages. To Division: French, English Philhellene Diplomats

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13 July 2021

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"A musical narrative tribute to that special category of Greeks who travelled from Europe and America to side with the rebellious Greeks. Everyone stands numb in the face of human pain. There are certainly people who rush to help, to save, but there are also those who want to take advantage. There is compassion – but from which side and from which position? Many speak, but the result is zero. People who, for their own reasons, just stand and smile in a world desperately asking for help. It is not an individual issue, but a universal one. The revolution is here to liberate, not to spread death and slavery. After all this, Europe is silent! The dramaturgy of this original musical-theatrical work is based on real biographical elements which were used for the writing of theatrical texts with a strong fictional element. The musical investment of the texts was composed based on references to both folk songs, thus keeping the Greek element, as well as to classical works, of the same or older date with the narratives of the characters. In “To Division”, the music of the song “Korasin etragoudage” meets with the introduction of the work “The snow “ (La neige) by Daniel Ober."

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