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  • 1821: The Greek Revolution in Ioannina

    Public group dealing with the Greek Revolution in the area of Ioannina. Users post on a variety of topics, such as clothing, weapons, political and military organisation, Ali Pasha's activity, as well as references to bicentennial events in the area of Ioannina.
  • 1821 The preparation, the proclamation, the struggles until liberation

    Private Facebook group that addresses topics of concern to users regarding the preparation for the start of the Greek Revolution, the declaration of the struggle and how the country was led to liberation. The group presents historical elements that trace the course of the revolution that have to do with political and military organisation.
  • 1821-2021: 200 years

    A public Facebook group that refers to issues mainly of contemporary politics but which also references issues related to the 1821 Revolution. Group members also post issues related to religion and how it is involved with the tevolution, as well as updates on saints' feast days. The group points out issues that are considered notable for the revolution.
  • 1821-2021 - National Remembrance, National Anniversaries - celebrations and events, Cyprus

    Private Facebook group with about 500 members, who publish about the commemorations for 1821 and the for the Greek revolution in Cyprus. The purpose of the group is to highlight the national memory and the association between Greece and Cyprus. Religion is seen as an integral part of national identity and is something that is often mentioned in posts and comments.
  • 200 years after 1821-Freemen

    Public facebook group dealing with the Greek Revolution. Users are free to post and comment on topics related to historical figures and events related to 1821.
  • Wargaming the Greek War of Independence 1821-1830

    Private Facebook group that deals with the representations of 1821 in art and speech. The private group publishes various kinds of representations for 1821, such as board games, miniatures, etc., in order for users to discuss their reliability or search for new representations circulating for 1821.
  • Greece 3d century

    Private Facebook group that deals with the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution. The group changes content depending on the topic discussed in the public sphere (for example, death of Mikis Theodorakis, war in Ukraine).
  • Immortal 1821

    Private Facebook group that presents important moments from 1821 to imprint in the memory of users key points of reference of the historical event and the people involved.
  • The real 1821

  • Brave Kolokotronis

    A public Facebook group that seeks to inform users about the historical personality of Theodoros Kolokotronis and commemorative events focused on him during the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution. Users can comment on the content posted within the group. The commentary also shows a negative attitude towards researchers who express a criticism of the personality of Kolokotronis.
  • Heroes and events of Greek Revolution

    A public group on Facebook that seeks to promote heroes and historical events related to the Greek Revolution in order for the younger generations to learn from the content of the page, as well as the older ones to remember again. Users can comment or post related content.
  • 1821: "From the bones of the Greeks the sanctuaries ..."

    A public group on Facebook that records, as the page mentions, unknown aspects of history and specifically of the Greek Revolution. The posts come mainly from other websites and users can comment on the content that is posted. There is particular interest in posting new books or paintings concerning 1821.
  • History of 1821

    A public group on Facebook that posts content about the Greek Revolution, such as lectures, events, book releases or posts on other websites. Users can comment or express their thoughts on the content posted on the page.