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  • #Haiti

    The hashtag #Haiti dominated Twitter in March 2021 during the celebrations of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution. Twitter users expressed their disappointment with the Greek government, which did not invite representatives from Haiti to the official celebrations. Users refer to the recognition of the right of Greeks to self-determination and the creation of an independent state. They also comment on the fact that they self-sacrificingly sent men to fight in the Greek Revolution, as well as income from their coffee for the cause. Users highlight texts and images denigrating Haiti to show how ill-advised the Greek government's move was not to invite a delegation to the celebrations. Finally, reference is also made to the Haitian leader, Jean-Pierre Boyer, and his decisive role in the recognition of the Greek Revolution.
  • Haiti–Greece, 1821-2021- Journey to Freedom/Respect

  • Haiti–Greece, 1821-2021 - Journey to Freedom/Respect

  • Black revolution–White slavery: Haiti, Greek revolutionaries and the reception of philhellenism

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