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  • 17 March 1821

    Public Facebook group focusing on the area of Mani and how the revolution started in the area. The group presents historical moments and faces from the period of the revolutionary Mani. The group also includes references to the modern era of Greece with important events, such as the Imia event or sports activities.
  • Mani 1821 - 2021

    Public Facebook group with reference to Mani and the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution. The posts are about historical figures, historical events and unseen aspects of the Greek Revolution in the area of Mani. In addition, users post period images from Mani and reports from travellers in the area. The posts also concern today, since there is also a reference to the inclusion of the Maniot uniform in the clothing of the Evzone presidential guard.
  • The contribution of Mani to the 1821 Revolution

  • Petrobey Mavromichalis: The leader of Mani in the Greek Revolution