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  • Reactions to a post by, 24/3/2021, 08:51

    The post shares an article about the destruction of Evritos’ work in the municipality of Elliniko-Argyroupoli after its first restoration, which cites the mayor Giannis Konstantatos’ accusations towards a “group of motorcyclists” from Glyfada for destroying the work and the opposition party for now supporting a referendum on their condemnation, as well as his wishes for new arrests. The post receives mixed comments, but mostly irrelevant ones.
  • Reactions to a post by, 10/3/2021, 23:09

    The post shares a news report about the Chamber of the Fine Arts of Greece’s accusations regarding Evritos’ graffiti in the municipality of Elliniko-Argyroupoli, in which the work is considered to be illegal –in terms of commissioning and execution– its creator a member of the far-right, the city government’s handling incendiary and the situation provocative given the field’s difficult situation post-Covid. The post receives mixed comments.
  • Reactions to a post by, 17/3/2021, 13:57

    The post shares an article that reports on the backstage dealings of Evritos’ controversial invitation by the municipality of Serres –as well as the opposition party’s reactions– the city government’s change of attitude and the cancellation of the artists’ planned projects, which was justified on his “phobic behaviour” and the non-disclosure of personal information. The post mostly receives negative comments.