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Subject - keywords is exactly Social identity
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  • Byron: Experiential Educational Game for the Investigation of the Social Identity of the Revolution

    The purpose of the game is to bring the students in contact with the problems and challenges faced by the fighters of the Greek Revolution. Students faced with missions based on real events, which will incorporate the main challenges and problems encountered by the revolutionaries, will be asked to choose the means that will allow the Greek revolutionaries to respond to the missions (battles, naval battles, internal administration, international relations). These are means (economic, military, political, ideological) that in their most specific versions are either located in the various social forces that acted in 1821 or are absent to a greater or lesser degree from them. The student/player on the one hand will be aware of these problems and challenges; on the other hand s/he will come in contact with the various social subjects that intersected in the project of the revolution and will begin to know them based on the means of power, structural constraints and possibilities (geographical, social, etc.) that determined their action and the range of alternative strategies (alliances, ways and fields of action, etc.). (Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)