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Holy Blood



Holy Blood

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15 April 2021

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The little boy hangs on top of her, his hands tied around her neck, his face nestled in her torso. Her stern tear, her sternal words. “My son… My…” A moment just before she is thrown into the abyss. Women from Souli, the Morea, wretched mothers, enslaved figures who are thrown into an unspeakable struggle to change their fate of bondage. In Souli and Ioannina, in Moria and Psara, in Roumeli and in Messolonghi, the time of the uprising arrives, the time of the revolution. This is when I first conceived this novel, when those who were subjected grabbed their weapons and raise their body and souls against the mighty tyrant. Lego, Simos, Despo, Nikolas, Argyro and the Kolokotronis, Tzavallas, Androutsos and Karaiskakis families, the mounted klephts and the agents apostles of the Philiki Etairia, the fire ships and the women sea captains. Heroes and heroines of our people who were once baptised in oil for their faith and once in blood for their homeland. This is their struggle. This is our story.

(Edited and translated blurb from publisher’s website)

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