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Holy Freedom



Holy Freedom

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09 December 2021

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Gathered behind the wall, with guns in their hands and their souls in their mouths. Men and women alike dressed in skirts and skirts, children with necks hanging over their bodies like offerings on icons, drugged by opium. As soon as the moon is lost in the clouds, the command of the captains is heard all over the phalanx like a choking whisper. Fighters and women and children move for the big exit, passing silently through the gate. Some people lean over and kiss the bullet-riddled wall, others the soil dug by the bombs. They water them with their respectful tears. “Ah, Messolongi, that we leave you… Ah, the blood that we watered you with unjustly.” In Chios, in Psara, in Messolongi … From holocaust to holocaust our people are moving, fighting to turn their slave destiny. At the same time, next to the glorious greatness of the struggle, stands the darkness of vengeance and selfishness that fratricide brings. Despo, Argyro, Nikolas, Stefanos, Lenitsa, Giorgakis, Malami, the old man Kapsalis, holy souls in this bloody world, breathe with violence and fight tooth and nail for freedom and redemption. In this or that world.

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