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Digital History Museum: Greek Revolution



Digital History Museum: Greek Revolution

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The theologian Marianthi Moschou and the students of the 1st Middle School of Melissia created a digital history museum on the theme of the Greek Revolution. The museum is structured in dedicated sections: museum rooms, in which the digital visitor browses to the sounds of the National Anthem performed by a symphony orchestra. The museum is divided into two main sections. One includes the “screening rooms”, where visitors can watch – using hyperlinks – short videos about the heroes of the revolution and its significance, the role of women, etc., as well as three Greek films related to the subject: Manto Mavrogenous (1971), Papaflessas (1971) and Bouboulina (1959). On the right side you can see works of art by Greek and European artists, divided by creator, but also tributes to the Philiki Etaireia, the teachers of the nation, the modern-day martyrs, the flags and banners of the revolution, fighters’ weapons, commemorative postage stamps and Greek costumes. The digital tour ends with the “Guestbook”, where visitors can read past comments or write their own.

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