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1821 and the bourgeois revolutions



1821 and the bourgeois revolutions




A wide debate has accompanied the bicentenary of the 1821 Revolution. With the presentation of the Greece 2021 committee and Gianna Angelopoulos, New Democracy has set the stage for fiestas of the revival of all nationalist myths that have always accompanied the propaganda of the ruling class in Greece.

The “National Renaissance”, according to academics, media commentators and “sponsors”, is the most appropriate reminder of how we should deal with the difficult times we are going through: “all together” with pride to raise our stature. The “Greek nation, united, can always grow up and adapt to modern conditions within the framework of the large European family”. If it makes, of course, the necessary heavy sacrifices...

It is the duty of the left to respond to the nationalist myths of the government and the ruling class concerning 1821. And it can do so without half-truths, without “revisions”, without “euro-worship”, because it has the tools: the theory of Marx and Engels’ historical materialism. It needs to highlight that 1821 was a bourgeois revolution that paved the way for Greek capitalism and its ruling class.

The texts of this publication from the Marxist Bookstore, which reflect all the discussions that have opened up about 1821, compose such an analysis of the Greek Revolution as part of the dynamics of the bourgeois revolutions from the 17th to 19th centuries that sealed the transition from feudalism to capitalism.

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1821 and the bourgeois revolutions

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