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1821, the celebration



1821, the celebration

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19 May–17 October 2021

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The exhibition presents the original modular work of Christos Bokoros entitled “1821, the celebration”, in four sections. Blue and white: its echo. History: its light and its darkness. The Heroes, prominent and invisible: their shadow and their blood. The Lonely Glory: high on the head of a large, deserted bank, a laurel memory, and in front of it a lamb that stares at us. The works, made especially for the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution, are presented to the public for the first time. They are made on fabrics and wood. They constitute an “overflow of the painter” of the painter, it is his own tribute to the “Common and the Lord”. In the “substantial shadows” that define him. Do they define us too? What does the hero and his virtue mean today? How do we measure our lives? What shadows are we facing? The painting is silent. It is eloquently reflected in the unprecedented gaze of the spectators.

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