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Nobody ever found out…



Nobody ever found out…


26 July 2021

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The 64th Philippi Festival presents Haris Michalopoulos’ theatrical monologue “Nobody ever found out”, directed by Despina Papazoglou and Katerina Symeonidou. Adaption by Despina Papazoglou. On 9 February 1857, Dionysios Solomos closed his eyes for the last time in this vain world. Immediately a fierce struggle began to find his manuscripts. Papers full of smudges, rough notes written mixed in Italian and Greek. Broken lyrics, numbered bills, deletions and corrections. Undeniable evidence for Solomos’ mania for painstaking, exhausting, bloody elaboration of the original inspiration aiming at the perfect poem. Some of these manuscripts were found, some were lost (?) forever. Is it true that just a few moments after the poet's death, Giakoumakis Kandilas, his famous servant but also an avid gambler, removed papers from Solomos’ office, possibly hoping for a financial profit from their sale. Or was Dimitrios, the poet’s brother, responsible for their destruction?

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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