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Little Prophet and Anthi/Anthoula/Monika



Little Prophet and Anthi/Anthoula/Monika


16–17 August 2021

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Kavala Municipal Regional Theater presents, in the context of the 64th Philippi Festival, Glykeria Basdeki’s “Little Prophet” and Akis Dimos’ “Anthi/Anthoula/Monika”, in one performance.
“Little Prophet” (a walk for a child, a national poet and six senses): The Little Prophet encounters Solomos’ poetry with all his senses. He sees the landscapes, the people, the shadows. He stands close to the beautiful enclosures and shakes his handkerchief at Xanthoula. He hears the bells in Lambros, the thunder in the Cretan and the rifle of Souliotis in the Free Besieged. It smells like the blue butterfly in the lake with the wild lilies and it tastes like the hare’s blood. The Little Prophet comes from before and after making a stop in the now. With a wide-open heart, which only children and poets can have, he sings in the words of Solomos the national history of us all. Words visible and words invisible, as prophecies must be.
“Anthi/Anthoula/Monika”: A young woman, in a provincial town, is reflected in the river of Solomos’ poetry. Lonely, deprived, haunted by her ignominious love for the philologist of her school years, Anthi Diamantourou jumps between reality and her transcendence, pulling her multiple faces out of the shadows of her sleep. An amateur writer, constantly floating between two seasons, invents herself word for word, knowing, in depth, that “when the mouth is hungry for a kiss, no word can satisfy it”.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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