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The poet's vision



The poet's vision


22 August 2021

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Dionysios Solomos, who had a personal vision of the national and moral upliftment of the homeland, was introduced to our collective, becoming our national poet. Defending with enthusiasm and devotion the just struggle of the Greeks with the writing of the Hymn to Freedom but also poetic interventions such as To Markos Botsaris, The Cretan, Free Besieged and others, motivates, moves, reflects and influences both the social character of Greeks, and in the use of modern language for the expression of the high ideals of the nation. Driven by imprints that praise the cultivation of the spirit, the relationship of man with God, the national uplift but also the purity of the soul, Ilias Kotzias, Andriana L’AmorGian and Spyros Souladakis highlight the form and the content of selected poems composing contemporary, contemporary and stylistic music, incorporating traditional, jazz, classical and romantic elements. Niovi Klavdianou, accompanied by pianist Spyros Souladakis, lyrically invests the poet’s voice, revealing his visions and promoting his spirit.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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