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A melodic line in the music of 1821



A melodic line in the music of 1821

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January–June 2021

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Song and musicians played their own key role in the Greek Revolution. It was a means of expression and communication, a narrator of achievements, heroic moments, a part of everyday life. At a time when time flowed differently and a song lasted 20 minutes, maybe longer. At Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments “Fivos Anoyanakis” – Center for Ethnomusicology, about 2,000 musical instruments, chords, membranes, aerophones as well as objects from the 18th century, valuable archives, music library, etc., the bicentenary exhibition focuses on the songs of the revolution, on those who sang them and those who were sung. The seven sections of the exhibition, curated by Vasso Polyzoi, the head of the museum, form a melodic experience with many reasons for emotions. For the songs listened to by the audience (some sing softly) new recordings were made by a strong group of musicians, who with drums, tambouras, lyres, violins, tambourines and other musical instruments gave new breath to the sound material. But guitars, mandolin and piano can also be heard, in that material that has borrowed from the musical tradition of the West. This illuminates the human image of the fighters we have identified with battlefields and flintlocks.

(Edited and translated extract from article from website)

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