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The Republic of Baklava



The Republic of Baklava

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26–29 July 2021
27 January–13 February 2021

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A mixed Greek-Turkish couple, Sofia and Fatih, two young people who met and fell in love as students in a neutral country of the West World, set up a business, a baklava shop, in the historic city of Messolongi. But when confronted with the traditional animosity between the two countries, they decide to declare their business an independent state. A romantic venture, doomed from the start to fail. A team of “researchers” is called on stage to reconstruct the history of this tiny nation, its birth, conflicts and heritage. Based on a series of fantasy, surreal and comic situations, two young people try to get rid of the burden of eternal hostility stereotypes and invent a new identity for themselves. “The Republic of Baklava” is an unexpectedly hilarious theatrical pseudo-documentary, which, although inspired by the historical events of 1821, is placed in our modern, digitally interconnected world, exploring issues of identity and political organisation through the filter of today.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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