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1821: A karagiozis performance on radio in five parts



1821: A karagiozis performance on radio in five parts


24-25 March 2021

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Five schools from all over Greece collaborate to present a five-part radio show of karagiozi (shadow theatre). Karagiozis and his son, Kolitiri, are placed in a timeless present, probably during the Greek Revolution, during which they talk to five correspondents from the respective parts of Greece, who narrate events of the revolution that took place in their area and actions of local heroes. Specifically, the students narrate in the form of a report the Battle of Dovra and the Massacre of Naoussa, the revolution in Halkidiki and the action of Emmanouil Pappas, the uprisings in Crete in 1821, the Battle of Lalas and the action of the hieromonk Anthymos Argyropoulos, who, as a chaplain in the church of Agios Georgios in Zakynthos, had sworn in many fighters to the Philiki Etaireia.

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