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Greek constitutionalism 200 years on: Democratic, modern, thriving



Greek constitutionalism 200 years on: Democratic, modern, thriving

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December 2020


To defend the Greek democratic and liberal constitution, together with the cultivation of a constitutional patriotism, means to defend the unity and uniqueness of our constitutional identity. Not to be closed off from the world, but to be fearlessly open to it, to face globalisation with political confidence, optimism and hope, as long as we are aware of our historicity and therefore our limits, with a little more, of course, constitutional democratic self-knowledge. Hellenism has all the wherewithal, spiritually and mentally, and has a unique ecumenical historical memory, that it can actively participate in the global stage and face with foresight, confidence and with every possible prognosis and adaptability, the unpredictable dangers of the new “universality” we live in. This book is a historical narrative of the ideas that sparked the 1821 Revolution, shaped the political physiognomy of a people and formed a modern, resilient and open constitutional state.

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