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Texts of Remembrance



Texts of Remembrance

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Series of events: 1821-2021

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This series comprises annotated editions of 19th-century memoirs/diaries and historiographical texts, with each one accompanied with an introduction on the authors and their work. It includes the following publications (numbered items are part of the memoir series):

1. Artemios N. Michos, Memoirs of the second siege of Messolongi (1825–1826) and other notes concerning the history of the great struggle. Edited by Maria Efthymiou and Vangelis Sarafis. Athens 2019.

2. Christoforos Perraivos. War memoirs of various battles between the Greeks and the Ottomans in both Souli and Eastern Greece, 1820–1829.. Edited by Stefanos Papageorgiou. Athens 2019.

3. Christos Vyzantios. History of the regular army, 1821-1833. Edited by Nikos Theotokas and Dionysis Tzakis. Athens 2020.

4. Kallinikos Kyriakos Kritovoulidis. Memoirs on the war of the Cretans for Greek autonomy. Edited by Eleftheria Zei. Athens 2021.

Dimitropoulos, Dimitris, Vangelis Karamanolakis, Niki Maroniti and Pantelis Boukalas, eds. 1821 and memoirs: Historical usage and historiographic knowledge. Conference proceedings. Athens 2020.

Boukalas, Pandelis, ed. Klephtic songs translated into five languages. Introduction Alexis Politis. Athens 2020.

5. Ioannis Filimon. Historical essay regarding the Philiki Etaireia (1834). Edited by Kostas Lappas.

6. Kanellos Deligiannis. [Memoirs]. Edited by Nikos Rotzokos.

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