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The Balkan dimension of the 1821 Revolution



The Balkan dimension of the 1821 Revolution

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23 July 2021

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As part of its series of talks on 1821, the Iakovatios Library held its seventh online discussion on the topic “The Balkan Dimension of the Revolution of 1821”. The speaker deals with a complex topic and notes the lack of literature and research on Balkan volunteers in the Greek revolution in contrast to the philhellenic movement in Europe. It presents the situation in the Balkans in the period before and during the revolution, giving examples that prove the participation of the Balkans in the struggle and in the Philiki Etaireia. The reasons were ideological, political, revolutionary solidarity and common elements and visions that pushed Bulgarians, Albanians, Arvanites, Roma and even Ottomans to the fields of the Greek revolution. He emphasises their significant contribution to the Greek struggle, as they were present and numerically more than the Europeans, but their contribution is considered underestimated. In the end it leads to important conclusions and assessments.

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