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The economy during the Greek Revolution



The economy during the Greek Revolution


1–2 October 2021

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The finances of the armatoles: From livestock farming to the expansion of financial activities
The finances of Ottoman pashas during the Greek Revolution
Ottoman properties in Athens during the revolution
And beyond agriculture and shipping? A brief look at the productive activities of cities during the Greek Revolution
The “huts” (kalyvia) of the Peloponnese during the Revolution: A special production and housing unit
Οριοθέτηση ενός κτήματος και φορολογικές πραγματικότητες στα χρόνια του Αγώνα: η περίπτωση του Κιβερίου
National revenue collection as an area of arbitrariness and empowerment of local elites and as a cause of conflict in Corinthia during the revolution
Microgeographies in question: Conflicts between rural communities over the use of natural resources in the Peloponnese under revolt
Economic normalities and discontinuities before and after the 1821 Revolution in the Macedonian region (1815–1830)
Presentation of the research project “The finances of the struggle: Taxation and state”
Economic thought on the eve of the 1821 Revolution: The example of the commercial encyclopaedia “Ermis O Kerdoos”
Το Γενικό Καθολικό του Υπουργείου της Οικονομίας για το 1823-1824: μορφή και περιεχόμενο, δημοσιονομικοί μηχανισμοί και δίκτυα στο δημόσιο οικονομικό χώρο το Εικοσιένα
Public finances, health and political conflict in the time of Ioannis Kapodistrias
Economic orientations and strategies of ship-owning families of Hydra during the Greek Revolution: The case of the Boudouris family
The fundraising of the “Koinon” of Hydra for the financial support of the revolutionary struggle, 1821–1827
The financing of the war naval fleet of Hydra, 1821–1827
“Financial sacrifice”: The ambiguous language of the financial participation of the Aegean islands in the revolution
Merchant shipping in the context of the war economy: Rearrangements and new opportunities
“Con principi di onestà e rispettando l’I.R. Bandiera.” Greek corsairs and pirates, European merchants and Austrian policy in the eastern Mediterranean (Aegean) during the revolution

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