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Troupe: Thoughts and reflections on the bicentenary of the 1821 Greek Revolution



Troupe: Thoughts and reflections on the bicentenary of the 1821 Greek Revolution

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17 December 2021–2 January 2022

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Using the aesthetics of pop art, the master of the genre Kostas Spyropoulos creates poetic allegories, postmodern compositions, artistic scenes, where he places his different "Troupe", in which he chooses to give a leading role to the female figure and objects related to it. The male figure where he appears has a companion character. Intense outlines, spot colours, in a multifaceted universe that highlights the simple heroes of everyday life. For his part, Spyropoulos himself points out: “I am interested in highlighting the multicolour, the versatility and the infinite perspectives that the little everyday heroes, the poor anonymous, see and interpret things. Those who in different clothes, themselves, but also different, live in the seasons and years weaving the net that we call popular memory … If I have the opportunity, with my work, to transform reality into poetry, I will say that the criterion of any revival of the Greek way will be the obsession with it. That is, not to repeat the alienation, as history has known it, in the case of the medieval and modern West. My work I want to be a constant reminder, that nothing comes as we expect. To influence the flow of events requires vision, consistency, continuous effort and ethical management of events, of myths and traditions. Greece is on a tightrope, between East and West and the abyss in the middle.”

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