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Singing the Greek Revolution with 21 songs



Singing the Greek Revolution with 21 songs


12 December 2021

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As part of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution, the Greek National Commission for UNESCO held a special event in the Megaron–Athens Concert Hall. The event opened with the speech by Paschalis Kitromilidis, academic and emeritus professor of political science of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, who spoke about the vision of freedom in the pre-revolutionary years and the duration of the struggle. Renata Dalianoudi, permanent assistant professor of ethnomusicology and folklore at the University of Ioannina, who is in charge of the scientific and artistic curation of the event, spoke about the relationship between music and the Greek Revolution. Immediately after, the ERT Contemporary Music Orchestra, under the direction of Giorgos Aravidis, presented a unique concert entitled “Singing the Greek Revolution with 21 songs”, with soloists Nena Venetsanou and Tassis Christogiannopoulos, orchestrated by Achilleas Wastor. This is a special anniversary program, where for the first time 21 historical songs presented together on stage, anonymously and under the name, inspired by 1821, for orchestra, male and female voice. Cornerstones of modern Greek poetry of the Ionian School (Kalvos, Solomos, etc.), set to music by 19th and 20th century art composers (Carrer, Sakellaridis, etc.) and contemporary composers (Mamagakis, Leontis, Markopoulos etc.), alternate with anonymous traditional songs of the folk poetic muse, preserved from the precious fund of collective memory.

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