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1821 in cinema



1821 in cinema

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14 Oktober 2021

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To celebrate the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution, the Greek Film and Television Research Laboratory prepared a documentary entitled “1821 in Cinema” and a conference on “Representations of 1821 in cinema and television”. “1821 in Cinema” records the cinematic representations of the revolution from the first decades of the 20th century to this day. Despite the fact that the revolution is the founding act of the modern Greek state, as a theme it is underrepresented in the national film production. This is one of the points on which the research focuses, which at the same time examines the periods where films on the subject of the Revolution were more common, respectively, the periods of its collective silence. The purpose of the documentary is to study the ideological discourse and the cinematic language of the films about 1821, in order to highlight the function of the cinema as a vehicle of public history and as a shaping factor of the collective historical consciousness.

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