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Greece demands its historic gallery



Greece demands its historic gallery

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24 March 2021-28 February 2022

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In the newly formed Greek state, art was called upon to play a very important role, political, ideological, and mainly educational: to save the memory of the heroes, who through their struggles and sacrifices gave the nation freedom and independence after a long and painful work. The sacred figures of the fighters and their achievements were intended to become beacons and guides of patriotism for the future generations of Greeks. Historical painting had to function as an ideal place of reconciliation, purification and oblivion, after the devastating civil strife for the nation, which threatened to thwart the ultimate goal of the struggle, the liberation of the nation. In the anniversary exhibition with which the new modern building of the National Gallery is inaugurated, we gathered the most emblematic works with themes drawn from the struggle for independence. Everything comes from the collections of the National Gallery, except for the two philhellenic masterpieces of Italian painters, which were kindly donated by the Antonios E. Komninos Foundation.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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