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The gaze of others



The gaze of others


16 July 2021-15 January 2022

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How did Foreign travellers, Greek and Greek painters depict moments, forms and customs from the years of the 1821 Revolution to the end of the 19th century? Selected works, engravings, drawings, watercolours, oil paintings and reprints will allow for a presentation of philhellenism in Europe, a current that contributed decisively to the successful outcome of the Greek Revolution. This will highlight the value of foreign travellers, archaeologists and artists in the development and spread of the philhellenic movement, such as Louis Dupré, Edward Dodwell, Adam Friedel, Charles Lock Eastlake, Louis Ambroise Garneray, Jean-Batiste Hilaire and others. The exhibition includes works by Nikiforos Lytras, Vicenzo and Stefano Lanza, Emilios Prosalentis and others. Prominent in the exhibition is the famous album of 39 lithographs by the German artist Peter von Hess with scenes from the national liberation struggle of the Greeks. A special place is occupied by the works depicting “missionaries of the national idea” – intellectuals, scholars, the well-known representatives of the modern Greek enlightenment – as well as of course figures of the heroes and heroines of 1821 that have become national symbols. These are works by Pavlos Prosalentis, Andreas Kriezis, mosaics by the Voliot mosaicist Argyris Petridis, etc., which depict these personalities.

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