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The Greek Revolution in the Age of Revolutions (1776-1848): Reappraisals and comparisons



The Greek Revolution in the Age of Revolutions (1776-1848): Reappraisals and comparisons

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12-13 March 2021


“The bicentenary of the Greek Revolution (1821-2021) offers the occasion to revisit and rethink many of the issues raised and fought over in the critical period of political and social upheaval and ideological change that has been canonised in historiography as the “Age of Revolution”, extending from 1776 to 1848. The Greek Revolution of 1821 was a pivotal event in the period of repression that followed the defeat of the French Revolution in 1815. It signalled the earliest expression of the hope of freedom that was to initiate a process of revival and transmission of liberal ideals on a global scale. Reappraising the Greek revolutionary experience and comparing it with other revolutionary movements across Europe at the time can provide insights into the revolutionary phenomenon and the character of the “Age of Revolutions” that might prove useful and suggestive in understanding parallel forms of collective mobilisation and change worldwide.”

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